WordPress Website Management

Do you have a WordPress website?

Do you keep it updated?

Do you backup your website regularly?

Most WordPress based websites are created for their owners and simply left to their own devices. That’s not your fault, you’re busy running your business!

Our WordPress Website Management packages are designed to help you get on with running your business, while leaving your website in our capable hands.

WordPress Website Management

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WordPress Website Management

Not keeping your website and the software that runs it is an invitation for trouble. There are three problems this creates; Security, Performance and New Content.

Security: Like any software package, WordPress needs to updated to ensure it doesn’t become vulnerable to attacks. Our WordPress management tools allow us to monitor and update WordPress websites with the click of a button, so you don’t have to.

Performance: Like a car, over time your website needs constant attention to ensure its running at its peak so visitors get the best experience possible. Web3k make sure that your WordPress installation is optimised for its purpose.

New Content: In addition, many websites remain untouched after they are created and adding new content to a website can be daunting process to navigate when you don’t do it often, or do it at all. We come across many customers who would love to add new content to their WordPress websites, but simply don’t have the time. That’s where Web3k come in. If you can provide the content, we’ll update your website for you!