Website Performance Improvement

Is your website slow to load? Do you have visitors complaining that it is hard to browse your site?

Web3k helps website owners improve their website response and load times with its Website Performance Improvement service.

The performance of your website will be a direct result of a few things:

  • The way the website was built and how well code techniques have been used,
  • The use of images on your site and how well optimised they are,
  • The size of the files served to your customers,
  • Where you site is hosted, and
  • Any external links to files or includes that might be slow.
Website Performance Improvement
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Why is Website Performance Improvement is necessary?

Have you ever waited 10 seconds, perhaps even 30 seconds for a website to load and experienced the frustration of waiting? If your website isn’t optimised, then visitors to your website could be experiencing the same.

Why not provide them with a better experience? After all, your website can be the first impression potential customers get of your company – why not make it a good first impression?

In addition to this, search engines like Google are now factoring in how long it takes for your website to serve pages to its visitors in its search results and rankings. With everyone trying to get to number one spot in the search engines, make sure the performance of your website isn’t hindering your chance of a high ranking.

Whether your website is a standard HTML site, PHP, WordPress or Joomla based site we can help improve the performance of your website and provided you a before and after analysis to show the improvements.

Our Website Performance Improvement Service

Our Website Performance Improvement package offers analysis and reporting on your website, providing a snapshot of its current situation, identifying the areas for improvement and the potential overall improvements to be expected.

We go in-depth to also ensure your website is responsive in a way that is favorable for search engines

In addition to the report, we provide a quote for completing the services should you wish to proceed. Alternatively, you can provide this report to your webmaster and have them implement the improvements.