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Web3k makes registering a Domain Name easy and affordable. In today’s Internet connected world, a domain name puts you on the online map.

A Domain Name is how people will find you online, so its important you choose a Domain Name which matches your business name, brand, product or other key identity. Register a Domain Name today and ensure it sets you apart on the Internet!

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.co $19.95 p/year

How long does it take to register a domain name?

When you Register a Domain Name, it will take about 5 minutes to place an order. For some Domain Names you may required additional information, such is the case for a domain, which you required to hold an Australian Business Number (ABN). Having these details handy means registering a domain name will be a piece of cake!

Once you have placed your order, it can take anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours for the various registries who maintain the domain names to process the order. We’ll notify you by email once your domain name has been registered and is ready to use.

Which domain name extension should I choose?

A domain name extension is the short text after the full stop in your Domain Name (e.g. .com, etc). Choosing which extension of your Domain Name to register

As a general rule of thumb, global businesses or websites generally choose a .Com Domain Name Extension when they register a domain name, while many businesses that only serve specific target markets, like Australia might only opt for a domain name extension. Some businesses also want to protect their online assets and register both, which is particularly common when a name is trademarked.

However, a number of additional alternative domain name extensions have no become available and some of these are industry specific. See if any of these alternative domain name extensions might work for you.