Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

Rules maintained by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the authority for governing domain names internationally, stipulate that every domain name registered must include the details of the registrant, or the person who has purchased the right to use the domain name must maintain their personal details.

This personal information includes contact information (email, phone, mailing address), which is then published on the internet visible to anyone who performs a WHOIS lookup.

Domain Privacy allows you to hide this information from the general public.

Why would I want to hide my personal details with Domain Privacy?

There might be a need to hide these personal details, for example if you’ve registered a domain and don’t wish for people to know you are the owner.

Domain Privacy allows you to hide your personal details by replacing them with ‘holding’ information that makes your personal information private.

By keeping your personal details hidden with Domain Privacy, you reduce the risk of receiving spam and being the recipient of identity theft

How much does Domain Privacy cost?

Domain Privacy

Available on .com, .net, .org, .info .biz, .name, .cc and .tv domain names

per year

How do I enable Domain Privacy on my domain name?

You can add Domain Privacy to your existing domain at any time, or when you register a new domain.

Domain Privacy service allows you to hide your personal information in order to protect you from receiving unwanted communications from spammers, solicitors and the general public.

Is Domain Privacy available on any domain name?

Domain Privacy is not available on all domain names. Currently the following domain extensions are eligible for the domain privacy add on: