Email Marketing Campaigns

Take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. Web3k can help you build email marketing campaigns that engage you customers and deliver results.

Don’t just send any old email to your customers. Web3k can help you generate ideas and content that will resonate with your customer base and increase engagement.

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Email Newsletters

EDM (Email Direct Marketing)

EDMs are a great way to connect, reconnect and engage an audience. We offer a range of services and advice on how to maximise your EDMs to get the most out of them.



Email Newsletters are a great way to promote ongoing engagement, however every customer base differs. Speak to Web3k and leverage our wealth of experience in customer marketing to make your newsletter process great.


Welcome Emails

A welcome email can be a critical piece of the on-boarding process with customers. We can help ensure yours is clear and provides relevant information to your customers without bombarding them with information they don’t need.


Customer Lifecycle Emails

Keep customers engaged from the get-go through their ‘life’ with your business. Improve the relationship you have with your customer and retain them for longer.


Email Automation

Save time and hassle with Email Automation; automatically trigger emails with relevant content when required, such as reminder emails, welcome emails and promotional emails. Go deeper and segment your customer base, allowing you to send emails based on previous sales, behavior, previous clicks and more!