Data Centres

Web3k’s business is domain names, web hosting and building websites and more importantly, keeping your business online. So that is why we enlist the help of some of the biggest and best data centre operators around the world so we can provide services to our customers.

We select the data centres we host our equipment in carefully, ensuring they meet particular power, connectivity, security,compliance and environmental criteria to ensure our customers are well to the world. Our data centres are located in key locations across the world, including Australia, North America, Europe and Asia and we are adding new data centre locations regularly to meet the needs of our customers.

Our hosting infrastructure is installed in the following data centres around the world.

Our Data Centre Locations

[MultipleMarkerMap id=”MultipleMarkerMapDemo” z=”2″ lat=”10.833306″ lon=”20.742188″ marker=”-37.814107, 144.963280,Data Centre: Melbourne AU,| -33.867487, 151.206990,Data Centre: Sydney AU,| -36.848460, 174.763332,Data Centre: Auckland NZ,| 34.052234, -118.243685,Data Centre: Los Angeles US,| 33.748995, -84.387982,Data Centre: Atlanta US,| 42.886447, -78.878369,Data Centre: Buffalo US,| 49.224753, 17.672753,Data Centre: Zlin CA,| 51.511214, -0.119824,Data Centre: London UK,| 48.856614, 2.352222,Data Centre: Paris,| 50.110922, 8.682127,Data Centre: Frankfurt DE,| 52.370216, 4.895168,Data Centre: Amsterdam NL,| 18.520430, 73.856744,Data Centre: Pune IN,| 1.280094, 103.850949,Data Centre: Singapore SG,| 35.689487, 139.691706,Data Centre: Tokyo JP,| 32.7781487,-96.7954025,Data Centre: Dallas US,” w=”980″ h=”450″] Key:map-marker-purple Data Centre Operational, map-marker-yellow Data Centre Coming Soon

Our Data Centres

Australia & New Zealand

Country City Status Services Available
Australia Flag Icon Australia Melbourne Operational Web Hosting
Australia Flag Icon Australia Sydney Operational Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting
New Zealand Flag Icon New Zealand Auckland Coming Soon

North America

Country City Status Services Available
United States Flag Icon USA Atlanta Operational Web Hosting
United States Flag Icon USA Buffalo Operational Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting
United States Flag Icon USA Dallas Coming Soon
United States Flag Icon USA Los Angeles Operational Web Hosting

UK & Europe

Country City Status Services Available
United Kingdom Flag Icon United Kingdom London Operational Web Hosting
Czech Republic Flag Icon Czech Republic Zlin Operational Web Hosting
Germany Flag Icon Germany Frankfurt Coming Soon
Netherlands Flag Icon Netherlands Amsterdam Coming Soon


Country City Status Services Available
India Flag Icon India Pune Operational Web Hosting
Singapore Flag Icon Singapore Singapore Coming Soon
Jpaan Flag Icon Japan Tokyo Coming Soon