Blog Web3k adds new domain name extensions (.nz, .cn and .asia)

Web3k adds new domain name extensions (.nz, .cn and .asia)

As of today we’re now offering customers the ability to register three new domain name extensions with Web3k, .nz for New Zealand, .cn for China and .asia for businesses and individuals in the Asia Pacific region. .nz, and .cn domain names can be registered by anyone and do not have any regional restrictions, unlike .asia where you you must be a resident or business located in the Asia Pacfic region in order to register a .asia domain. If you’ve thought about expanding your online presence in to these countries or you’re just looking to secure your business or product name to prevent it being registered by someone else, now is a great time to secure these domains. As good domain names are becoming harder to register, it’s always a good idea to check if your business or brand name’s domain name is available in other areas in the world and secure them. As with any domain name purchase, it’s always best to check any trademarks on names in other countries to ensure you’re not infringing on someone’s right to that name, word or trademark. Visit our Domain Names page to begin searching for your .nz, .cn or .asia domain names today.

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